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Kathrin Pabst (b. 1971): Head of the Scientific Department at Vest-Agder-museum in Kristiansand, Norway. Ph.D in professional ethics, focusing on moral challenges museum employees face when working with sensitive topics. Holds lectures and workshops on professional ethics. Member of the Norwegian ICOM board.

Søren la Cour Jensen (b. 1972): Senior Curator at the Industrial Museum of Frederiks Vaerk. Danmark. Chair Blue Shield Denmark 2011, Board member ICOM Denmark 2014-, Chair of ICOM Denmark 2015-, Member of ICOM DRTF (Disaster Relief Task Force, technical committee) 2014-16, Member of ICOM Disaster Risk Management Committee (standing committee) 2017-

Per B. Rekdal (b. 1945): Retired, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Norway. Written about museums and cultural diversity, museums and difficult issues etc. Various positions in ICOM, like chair ICOM Norway 1996-98, ICME 1998-2004, member of Executive Council 2004-2010, chair of Working Group on Governance 2013-2017.