Establishing an International Committee

As stated in the ICOM Internal Rules (2017):

7.3 – Establishing an International Committee

1. A request for the establishment of a new International Committee shall be sent to
the Director General and must be signed by a minimum of fifty ICOM members,
drawn from at least ten different countries and from more than one continent.
2. The domain of a proposed new committee must be professionally oriented, of
global and long-lasting interest, and compatible with ICOM’s mission and values.
3. The creation of a new International Committee shall be examined by the Executive
Board which takes the decision.
4. If the Executive Board decides to establish an International Committee, the
Director-General shall appoint one of the members to arrange and chair the first
meeting of the Committee at which election of the Chair and members of the Board
shall take place and Rules be adopted.
5. The Chair elected at the first meeting shall convey the minutes of the meeting to
the Director-General together with a copy of their Rules and the names and
addresses of members of the Board.
6. The Rules shall be compatible with ICOM’s Statutes, Internal Rules and Code of
Ethics for Museums.
7. A new International Committee is subject to a three-year probationary period.


Source: INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSEUMS (ICOM): Internal Rules: As amended by the Extraordinary Executive Board on 9th June 2017 (Paris, France)

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