Possible subjects

Suggested topics for a new International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas:

Working as societal actors by contributing to transparency, equality and recognition

Themes might be related to interaction between the majority and minorities, identity and values, gender equality, environmental challenges or consequences of political decisions


Working with the local society and/or vulnerable groups

How to involve and work together with the local society

How to work with difficult issues in small and exclusive societies

How to work with vulnerable groups


Consequences of political expectations or intervention

How to cope with changing claims from the government

How to react on (new) anti-democratic tendencies or censure

How to disseminate democratic values when not supported by the government


Environmental-, climate- and nature related challenges (local and global perspectives)


Migration and integration (local and global perspectives)

Themes might also be related to refugee crisis, racism or segregation


Collection management

How to handle objects illegally taken from minorities

How to handle and preserve difficult objects

How to handle or exhibit human remains


Working with historical photographs

How to use post mortems pictures or pictures of people who are not identified

How much information does one need before using a picture

How to use controversial pictures, which easily could be misinterpreted


Theoretical approaches to high impact dissemination

How to work with/use personal narratives and feelings

How to keep independent when confronted with economic or political intervention

How leaders can facilitate good working conditions for museums professionals